The Emoji Movie (G) 1hr 30mins Animation/Family NO FREE LIST

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Hidden inside a smartphone, the bustling city of Textopolis is home to all emojis. Each emoji has only one facial expression, except for Gene, an exuberant emoji with multiple expressions. Determined to become "normal" like the other emojis, Gene enlists the help of his best friend Hi-5 and a notorious code breaker called Jailbreak. During their travels through the other apps, the three emojis discover a great danger that could threaten their phone's very existence.

Session Times** for week commencing 21 September are as follows:
Thurs 21: 11:45am, 1:40pm.
Fri 22: 9:40am, 4:25pm.
Sat 23: 11:45am, 1:40pm.
Sun 24: 12:25pm.
Mon 25: 9:40am, 4:25pm.
Tues 26: 11:45am, 1:40pm.
Wed 27: 9:40am, 4:25pm.
Session Times** for week commencing 28 September are as follows:
Thurs 28: 11:35am, 2:30pm, **6:20pm (Fundraiser - NFL - no tickets at Candy Bar).
Fri 29: 9:40am, 2:30pm.
Sat 30: 11:35am, 2:30pm.
Sun 1: 12:00pm.
Mon 2: 12:00pm.
Wed 3: 4:20pm.
These are the last session times for this movie.
**Please note: session times for future dates CAN be subject to change. Please check the website again closer to the date.