Sweet Country (MA) 1hr 55mins Australian/Drama NO FREE LIST

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Sweet Country is set in 1929 in the outback of the Northern Territory. Sam is an Aboriginal middle-aged stockman who works for a kind preacher, Fred Smith.

Harry Marsh, returning from the Western Front, is appointed as the new station operator,  and Sam is sent out with his wife and daughter to help renovate the outpost.

But Harry turns out to be an ill-tempered and bitter man, and his relationship with Sam quickly escalates. It culminates in a violent shootout, where Sam kills Harry in an attempt to save his own life.

As a result, Sam becomes a wanted criminal for the murder of a white man, and is forced to flee with his pregnant wife into the deadly outback. A hunting party led by Sergeant Fletcher is formed to track him down, but Sam eludes them as he is a clever man and an expert bushman.

Eventually for the health of his pregnant wife, Sam gives himself up. A trial is held in town and when the truth comes out in the courtroom about Sam’s actions, he is acquitted. Justice has been served. Sam sets off on his journey home, but soon after leaving town, a shot rings out and Justice is crushed…

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