Mums and Bubs

Come along with your babies or toddlers and see a film without having to worry about disturbing other patrons.


Our next Session - "Game Night" - 24th April, 11:00am. 

I also need help with a possible change of name for these sessions. I like Mums & Bubs because it's catchy, but understand it may need to be updated. So if you have any ideas, please let me know. Thanks

Please let us know if you might be coming by emailing to allow for extra staff if necessary.  

During these sessions, small children are welcome, the lights are kept partly on & the sound may not be as loud.

Prebooked tickets: we are only able to presell tickets here at the cinema, so if you would like to prepurchase your ticket, please come and see us during our opening hours (while the movies are running).

Please be advised that any Presold tickets are the responsibility of the customer. Anyone without a ticket will not be admitted